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Haunted House for Rent, Goose Hollow

This three-story Victorian is available for rent immediately. Blood curdling moans between the hours of 8pm-3am. Rich history of apparitions and unexplained disappearances. Open plan kitchen

Horror Movie Marathon!

Portland local Twitch streamer @StumpTownGurl will be streaming 20 consecutive days of horror films. No bathroom breaks, no bathing: just 480 hrs of mind-numbing computer screen and UberEats. Watch the decline of her sanity in real time! #GoGurl!

Drive-Thru Trick or Treat in my alley

I know it's not Halloween, but I will be giving out candy in the poorly lit alley behind my house in N Portland. You'll love my costume, I guarantee it.

Strange Moss Cont.

The yellow moss near Kennedy School has leapt across the street and is heading for Alberta Park. Do not consume!

The Portland Drab is hiring: two new positions have opened after local reporters went missing in the Shanghai tunnels. Inquire directly.

The Twisted Figure Returns to PDX

Reports of the Twisted figure have returned. Always seen from a minimum of one block away, the twister figure targets dog walkers specifically. Appears frozen in a different contorted position every time you see them. Unclear its intentions. Be warned.

New food cart in Hollywood neighborhood! Serving all-reptilian diet: mice, small birds, and more! Open at Midnight every night!

"Help Me, 1988."

The phrase "Help me, 1988" is being graffitied outside local Portland Libraries. Anyone who knows why has been asked to come forward to assist local authorities. 

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