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Pictured here: The Portland Drab Editor

Letter from the Editor

Hello and thank you for finding The Portland Drab, an abnormal tabloid in which we cover Portland’s vibrant and vile underbelly: things like fish-folk, cannibals, ghosts, and the like. In this periodical, our reporters risk their lives to bring you news of the weird and the slithering. They will be of interest to local Portlanders that enjoy the macabre, the eerie, and the notion that something gruesome might be creeping around the next corner. If that is you, as is me, then here we are. I so look forward to sharing with you. 


Much happens in our little, drab city just beneath the surface and concrete: strange and 

cryptic happenings. One need only open all six of their eyes to see properly.  

Can you start today? You're hired.

-The Editor

Contact: portlanddrab AT gmail DOT com

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